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"My hair is dry as fuck"


"We didn’t cook with it at all when i grew up...I didn’t know people cooked with it"


"It reminds me of when i actually
started taking care of my hair"


"Reminds me of getting my hair done
for $20 by a family friend"


"Every barber I’ve been to
in NY uses this on my hair"


"Even though they know where everything is barbershop and hair salons are messy.
Stuff is just everywhere"


"This reminds me of a
table at a hair salon"


"I didn’t have to comb my hair
for the first 13 years of my life"


"It’s just fat"


"My mom would be randomly bougie sometimes....I got that from my mom"

"It’s kind of like using a
vegetable oil, right?"



"I don’t make chicken like my mom makes chicken"


"Slow and low is the
best way to cook meats"


"When the chicken starts to float and the oils stop crackling that’s when you know the chicken is done"



"Reminds me of all the combs that were broken on my head as a child"


"You either need to get the thick comb or get the metal one"



"I don’t wash my hair everyday, I like get it wet but I try to wash it 2-3 times a week"


"I honestly think so many people think they know about hair but no one actually has any idea of what their doing" 



"My mom couldn't braid to save her life"


"I could always identify it because it was a white container with a purple top"